Arrival Instructions

There are three options to get to Vilnius – by rail, by bus or by plane. Please check these options by yourself.

After arrival to Vilnius you will need to use public transport. You can use taxi, but it might be quite costy, expecially if you will use taxi which are waiting passengers near airport. If you use it to get to the centre from the airport, it might cost about 2 €/km. Thus, you journey to the old town might cost about 20 €. Taxi at the bus and railway stations will not be that expensive, and distances are much smaller there. However, a lot of streets are one-directional in the old town, thus driving distance might be not so short.

If you use public transport, you need tickets. They cost 2 LTL (1 € is 3.45 LTL, 1 LTL is 0.290 €) when bought in kiosks marked with “Lietuvos spauda” (see example picture below, they can be found close to many public transport stops) or 2.5 LTL when bought inside vehicle, from driver. You have to validate your ticket immediately on boarding, otherwise you might get fined. Tickets are valid for one boarding only. The same tickets are for both buses and trolleybuses.

You can find schedules of public transport (as well as route maps) here or here.

Bus and railway stations are situated close to each other. Moreover, there is a very important traffic ring close to them. So when you get out of them, you have to locate the stop you need to catch the desired bus or trolleybus.

If you plan to go to the central campus immediately after arrival or if you plan to go to centre of the city, the recommended way is to use trolleybus. Trolleybuses 1, 2, 5, 7 and 20 (all of which go to the old town – the centre) are the most likely candidates you might need. Their stop is situated close to the exit from railway station (marked by cyan circle in the map above).

If you need to get to the central campus of Vilnius university from railwai or bus station, then the recommended way is to take trolleybus 2 and travel to trolleybus stop named “Karaliaus Mindaugo tiltas” (see map below).

Then you will have to walk from the stop to the entrance of administration of Vilnius university (marked with green circle below). Further instructions will be presented in place.

If you come to Vilnius by plane, you can take a bus from the airport. The bus stop is situated just in front of the exit from the airport.

Only two buses leave this stop – 1 and 2. You can take bus 1 to go to the railway station (which is the end stop for this bus) and use information presented above. Alternatively, you can take bus 2 to get to centre. As an example, here are instructions of how to get to central campus.

Take bus 2 to stop named “Operos ir baleto teatras“.  Then you have two options. 1st – wait until trolleybus 4 or 17 arrive and ride them one more stop,which will be “Karaliaus Mindaugo tiltas“, and follow previuosly presented information.

Alternatively, you can walk from “Operos ir baleto teatras” to the campus.

That would conclude your travel from the airport to central Vilnius university campus.

You can find a high resolution map with hotel and entrance to the campus here. The pin over Vilnius university shows location of main entrance.

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