About Laboratory of Microwave Spectroscopy

The research in microwave dielectric spectroscopy of semiconductors in the Laboratory started in 1965. The Laboratory was established for studies of:

  • Dielectric properties of semiconductors at frequencies above the Maxwell relaxation frequency,
  • Low-frequency soft phonon modes which frequency lies below the limits of optical spectroscopy in ferroelectrics,
  • Soft relaxation modes and relaxation dynamics in order-disorder ferroelectrics, ferroelectric ceramics, dipolar glasses, relaxors and other solids.

However, research field has broadened since foundation of the laboratory.

Read more about previous and current subjects of research.

Current advances in science and technology make it impossible to a single laboratory to be fully self-sufficient. One the most remarkable aspect of modern scientific community is collaboration between different institutions, making broader and deeper research of any subject by incorporating results from different scientists and laboratories. As Laboratory has always aimed to be on the frontiers of modern science, we have a broad cooperation list.

It must be noted that cooperation and broadening of research field were greatly influenced by participation in different projects.

It is possible to conduct extensive measurements of dielectric properties of many materials in a very broad frequency range, which extends from 10 μHz to 750 THz. The usual temperature range for all measurements is 110 K – 500 K, although a furnace and a closed cycle Helium cryostates help to extend temperature range for some of frequency ranges from 5 K to 1500 K. Extensive description of accessible measurement techniques and equipment can be found here.

All of the above enabled a number of researchers to defend their PhD thesis.

Lits of current staff members as well as PhD students can be found here.

Please use the following information if you want to contact us:

Telephone: (370 5) 2366077

FAX: (370 5) 2366081

Postal address: Sauletekio al. 9/3 LT-10222 Vilnius LITHUANIA

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